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Thank you for visiting my site. I am a doctoral candidate in Information Systems at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. I am currently working on my dissertation which explores the Data Economy. I successfully defended my dissertation proposal in March 2018. My data collection is finished and I anticipate completion and defense of my dissertation in spring of 2019.

I hold an MBA from Penn State University and an MFA and BA from the University of California at Davis. I am a former manager in client services, technical support, and general management, and have worked at technology companies and educational institutions. My research is focused on the management of data and social impact.


How do data, information, and knowledge impact organizations, individuals, and society?


Journals, conference proceedings, and presentations allow me to share my research.


Teaching is how I explain and extend research and knowledge. It's been said that you will never truly know a topic until you have to teach it to someone else.

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