Peer Reviewed Publications

  • "Digital Activism," currently under first round revisions at Information and Organization, Jordana George and Dorothy Leidner
  • “How Does Guanxi Affect Intention to Share Knowledge in the US? A Replication Study,“ Jordana George and Kevin Yan, AIS Transactions on Replication Research 2017
  • “Contemporary Issues of Open Data in Information Systems Research: Considerations and Recommendations,” Link, G., Lumbard, K., Conboy, K., Feldman, M., George, J., Germonprez, M.,  Goggins, S., Jeske, D., Kiely, G., Schuster, K., Willis, M., Communications of the Association for Information Systems 2017

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • "Why Marginalized Groups Struggle to Leverage Digital Activism," Jordana George and Dorothy Leidner, Americas Conference for Information Systems (AMCIS), New Orleans, 2018 (forthcoming)
  • “Digital Activism: a Hierarchy of Political Commitment,” Jordana George and Dorothy Leidner, Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS) 2018
  • "The Poor Get Poorer and the Rich Get Fiber: Why Free/Low Cost Internet Might Not Bridge the Digital Divide," Jordana George and Stacie Petter, Americas Conference for Information Systems (AMCIS), San Diego, 2016
  • "Chartering Predictive Analytics: A Case Study," Wallace Chipidza, Jordana George, Hope Koch, Americas Conference for Information Systems (AMCIS), San Diego, 2016


  • Americas Conference for Information Systems (AMCIS), Boston, 2017
    • TREO Talk: “When the Door Shuts: Loss of Open Data,” Jordana George
  • Big XII+ MIS Symposium, Omaha, Nebraska, 2017
    • Presentation: “Digital activism: a hierarchy of political commitment”
  • Open Collaboration Data Factory Workshop on Open Data, Dublin, Ireland, 2016
    • Presentation: “Open Data Research: a Case Study at,” Jordana George
  • SIG Social Inclusion Research Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, 2016
    • Presentation:“How Does Gender Affect IS Journal Publications?” Jordana George

Research in Progress

  • Dissertation: Transforming viscous data into liquid data: understanding intermediaries in the data economy
    Includes two years of organizational data collected onsite from in Austin, TX
    Research questions:
    How do intermediaries create value in the data economy?
    How does a data platform affect stakeholders’ creation, distribution, and/or utilization of data?
    What are the implications of a data platform for stakeholder performance?“Why Marginalized Groups Struggle to Leverage Digital Activism” with Dorothy Leidner, further development for journal submission
    Data Philanthropy, Jordana George, Jie Kevin Yan, Dorothy Leidner, developing for HICSS submission and journal submission
    “Big, dark, and viscous: How data attributes interact to create accessibility,” Jordana George and Dorothy Leidner, developed from dissertation, currently working on ECIS submission and eventual journal submission (Research Commentary)
    “How benefit corporation status provides value to technology enterprises,” Jordana George, developing for journal submission (targeted for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice)