Teaching Philosophy

Goals & Principles

While the primary goal of teaching is making sure students learn the material, there is so much more to the role. My personal objectives include insuring that students understand the material, see how the material relates to them, and can apply what they have learned. I strive to relate the subject matter to individuals in class so they understand why it matters and how to use this knowledge. I focus on communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and time management skills to insure success in my classes.

Teaching & Assessment Methods

I am a proponent of active learning and I use a variety of performance assessments. I find that students may perform better in one type of assessment than another depending on their personality and social skills. I work for student achievement by enabling them for success, removing roadblocks, and finding optimal work situations and environments. I use several assessment methods, including projects, written work, and tests. I utilize low-value quizzes frequently as formative assessments and to ensure that students have prepared for class. The class day prior to a test I always play Jeopardy with student teams on the test material. The students enjoy the friendly competition and are able to gauge how well they are prepared for the test. Depending on the class, I may have several formal tests and one project, or 1 formal test and several projects. I also find that student characteristics, class size, and class location (online/size of room/availability of computers) will also influence my choices of assessments and classroom activities.

Value of Teaching in the University

While I am a strong believer in the value of research, I also believe that our research is meaningless unless it can be shared and used to increase knowledge. Not every topic I research is applicable for the classroom. However, a good deal of my research can translate to coursework and lead to more interesting classes and more engaged students. In reverse, I learn so much from my students and I find their participation in my field always revelatory. They keep me on my toes and give me a fresh perspective every semester.

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Teaching Experience

Baylor University, Waco TX 

  • Teacher of Record, MIS 3320 Systems Analysis and Design,  Spring 2018
    • Upper division course required for MIS majors
  • Teacher of Record, MIS 3305 Management Information Systems, Spring 2016
    • Upper division survey course on information systems, required for all business majors

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro NM

  • Lecturer, ECON 251 Macroeconomics, Fall 2012, Summer 2013, Fall 2013, Summer 2014
    • General macroeconomics course
  • Lecturer, ECON 252 Microeconomics, Spring 2013, Spring 2014
    • General microeconomics course
  • Instructor, FA 189C, Acting I, Spring 2014
    • Introduction to Acting

University of New Mexico - Valencia Campus, Los Lunas, NM

  • Lecturer, THEA 105 Theatre Appreciation, Fall 2013
    • History of Theatre, forms and methods, significant contributions to the field
  • Lecturer, DANCE 105 Dance Appreciation, Fall 2013
    • History of Dance, forms and methods, significant contributions to the field
  • Lecturer, THEA 130/131, Acting I and Acting II, Fall 2013
    • Introduction to Acting and Dramatic Art

University of California, Davis, CA

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, instructor for Drama 10, Fall 1983, Winter 1983, Spring 1984, Fall 1984, Spring 1985
    • Introduction to Acting and Dramatic Art